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  Top-ever industry&trade Co., limited is a professional manufacturer and trader in the field of auto exhaust system, which is speiclized in manufacturing and marketing auto silencers, tips,catalytic converters and products related to. Our factory is founded in  2003, owning experienced engineers and machinists,  More than 70% of products are sold to  overseas markets. such as Germany, Spain, Swiss, America, Brasil, Australia, New Zeland and so on.

  Strong Technology and Advanced Equipment make sure first-class products.

  we have specialized equipment to produce exhaust parts and accessaries, all products design and produce from experts who have lots of experiences. We have developed many ranges of sis series :Header \ Downpipe \ Hi Flow cat \ Muffler \ Manifold \ Tail pipe. Material adopts SUS304 siphon \ laser incise low-carbon-steel flange, we have more experiences to weld and mouldings techniques machining. Mufflers inner assemble high temperature cotton can bear 800~1100CoC, SS wire and net.we control the quality tight to insure auto carry on working even in inclement condition ,we have been in the position as international leadership

  High performance catalytic converter is bright light in our company.

  Our high performance catalytic converter include Direct Fit catalytic converters, Universal catalytic converter, Seamless catalytic converters, converter accessary and parts. Such as manifold, bellows,shell&shield,substrate and so on. We adopt high quality stainless steel and core materials, which make the catalytic converters long service life and good quality, also our catalytic converters can reach European and American Emission Standard EPA,OBD II, Euro III,IV, and can efficiently convert the harmful emissions into Oxide, Nitrogen, and water, meanwhile improve the cars' performance.

  Focusing on quality, reliability and competitive pricing, we back our products with a prompt spare parts service and full technical support



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